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The Big Sauce Radio Show live stream can be heard every Tuesday from 6:3oPM – 8:30PM ET on, and the free podcasts are available via iTunes. You can also find the Big Sauce Radio App in the Libsyn Podcast box and on the Android Market. In addition to banging out bad-ass podcast episodes, Big Sauce features a Boston-based comedy stand-up crew that is, bar none, the funniest on the planet. If you or your organization needs an Emcee, an event party crew or you are interested in booking the Big Sauce Live Stand Up Extravaganza, “Get on the Sauce!”, a 2-hour laugh-a-thon, email [email protected]

The Big Sauce was supposed to be a rock star but his 8th grade chorus teacher told him he was tone deaf and to never sing again. Hailing from Waterbury, Connecticut (aka the Brass City), an industrial mecca during WWII America, it has several high ranking distinctions: in 1992, Money Magazine listed it as the city with the worst quality of life of 300 U.S. metropolitan areas surveyed; in 1999, the Places Rated Almanac catalogued it as one of the “10 Worst Places to Live in America”; and in 2008, Forbes Magazine called it one of the “Worst Places for Businesses and Careers in America”.  Having escaped a future destined for debauchery, lung cancer and food stamp collecting, the Sauce made his way to Boston via Miami Beach after years of nomadic pilgrimages. The podcast show began on the mean streets of South Beach in 2007 as aimless rants on the political discourse of America. But soon after arriving in Beantown, and probing CraigsList for partners in crime, the current incarnation of The Big Sauce Radio Show was born. When not recording wonderfully  entertaining and insightful podcast shows, you can find him at a local cigar bar or any Tower of Power concert this side of the Mississippi. He welcomes letters of all types, comments, criticisms and random communications. Email Big Sauce

Co-host Chris Timoney, an entertainment biz veteran for over 10 years, cut his teeth back in the day at ABC News before moving on to hosting shows for Sporting News Radio and writing & producing shows for the internet. Chris can also be seen trolling open mics for divorcees all around Greater Boston and New Hampshire. He enjoys hanging with his dogs Viva & Harley, drinking quality beer and even better scotch, has a low threshold to pain, is a remote control master, enjoys a solid “bugout” and is an avid female newscaster enthusiast. He was born in Colombia, raised in The HAM (that’s Framingham for all you non-wicked types), schooled in Rhode Island, partied in NYC for 4 years and is now back in Beantown awaiting transport to the Andromeda Galaxy where he owns a studio apartment that has great views of the Event Horizon (off-season of course). Email T-Money or tweet @cjtcia

That sensual female voice you hear is the lovely cowgirl Ka’thryn Franz. Affectionately known as Thryn to, well, everyone, she’s a hometown Missouri girl in the big bad Boston. But don’t let the Midwest roots fool you!
She wears many hats for The Big Sauce and wears them damn well! You’ll often hear the crew refer to her as she’s facebooking and texting live to the staff during the show. When not getting’ on the Sauce you can find Thryn at the barn with her horse Serena.



Other Contributors

Matt Ganem the Poet (Poetry Reading)
Self Proclaimed Rockstars (wrote & perform our title theme, “Get on the Sauce”)
Kala Farnham (piano interludes)

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