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Ep. 131: At the Pru!

by Big Sauce on November 17, 2012

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Exciting things are happening with the Big Sauce Radio Show. The gang checked into their new digs this week, recording live from the Prudential Center in downtown Boston at i!dio Studios. And now that they’re conveniently located in a mall, our favorite sleep-deprived student Thryn Franz will have an ample supply of coffee, and T-Money will have the chance to pick up hot soccer mom’s after the show! Consider yourselves warned, ladies…

Dean admits to us early on that he has a great passion for a popular TV show known as Law and Order. For those of us who don’t watch a great deal of television, this particular show is a legal drama created by a guy named Dick Wolf (yes, Dick Wolf). It has been on the air for 20+ years because people geek out over that sort of thing. So, the Big-un is a huge fan of it, and watching the show has become a ritual for him. When he knows it’s going to be on, he races home, locks himself in a room with his dog, and turns it on.

Now, there is a show he is not passionate about. It’s hosted by Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera and makes pre-teens, middle aged women, and the occasional grandfather extremely happy. If you haven’t guessed it by now, it’s called The Voice. People who like Law and Order usually don’t like the Voice. So, when these people have raced home, locked themselves in a room, told their dear wives not to disturb them, only to sit down and be greeted by the mediocre covers of top 40 hits from the last 100 years…it makes them murderous.

But speaking of covers, throughout history the cover song has been a popular way to get famous without actually being original. Well, that’s only partly true. But Dean, apparently inspired by his experience, decided to enlighten Thryn and Chris with a round of “Name That Tune,” except the title became “Name the Person Who Actually Wrote This Song But Never Became Famous for It.”

There are some obvious examples throughout the history of music where people knew right away that the “new song” wasn’t really new at all. Like when Vanilla Ice with “Ice Ice Baby” obviously jacked the opening bit from Queen’s “Under Pressure,” but we won’t bring up old wounds.

One of the examples Dean pulls out is the Grammy Award winning 1967 number

R-E-S-P-E-C-T performed by the talented Aretha Franklin. Most people are unaware that the song was originally written two years before by soul-singer Otis Redding, writer  and performer of the Billboard Hit “The Dock of the Bay.”

Other people who made the list were  Jimmy Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Donald Trump’s toupée. But If you want the full experience, race home, lock yourself in a room with your dog, pour yourself a tall glass of Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch Whiskey, and for the love of James Taylor, Get on the Sauce

Joey Phoenix is a Boston-based freelance writer, photographer, and Big Sauce Radio Show enthusiast. 

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