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Ep. 127: Drag Race for a Cure

by Big Sauce on October 14, 2012

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This week the Big Sauce Radio Show was recorded in a  new studio in Somerville,

Will this be Chris Timoney’s choice of footwear?

Massachusetts. But don’t worry folks, just because the den of iniquity has changed its home base, it will still be bringing you the same delights and debauchery that you have become accustomed to, and maybe even grown to love.

Dean, Thryn, and Chris (who received the most vulgar intro of his Big Sauce career) are joined by Paul J. Downing, founder and creator of “Drag Race” for a Cure 2012 (in partnership with Aids Action Committee). The race is going to be this Saturday, October 20th 2012, in Somerville. The event will be spectacular, but be forewarned, there are no cars involved.

A “Drag Race” without cars? Yes, it’s an ironic pun. We’re talking about men shedding blood, sweat, and tears for a cause, voluntarily choosing to dress in drag (or at least wear high heels), and race each other in a mad 100 yard dash. It’s $25 to race, and all participants must sport heels of at least two inches in height. This event is being held to raise money for AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts, a worthy cause.

But don’t worry fellas, according to Paul, you don’t have to run, you can strut. You can make Somerville your catwalk. Come join us in Somerville on Saturday October 20th 2pm for a whopper of a good time! If the Big-un can find men size 11 high heels, he’ll be racing too! All the info can be found at

In honor of the event, and of Paul being on the show, Dean compiled a list of the top gay cult classics of all time in hopes of discovering if any of the gang had heard about them. Thryn and Paul turned out to be sub-genre film buffs in this regard, thoroughly impressing Chris in the process…he, unsurprisingly, hadn’t heard of many on the list.

A familiar name brought up was the 1996 film The Birdcage. With a stellar cast of Robin Williams, Gene Hackman, and Nathan Lane juxtaposed with cabaret and lovable gimmicks, of course it was a hit – opening the doors for the discussion of previously taboo topics, and educating the masses through humor (much in the same way that the Big Sauce tries to do.)

Another film which Dean spoke of was not so familiar, and for good reason. Shortbus. It’s one of those movies best watched while passed out or from behind a thick velvet curtain. The opening scene alone made Dean physically ill, which may sound amusing from a third party perspective, but if you’ve seen the movie you wouldn’t blame the guy.

You wouldn’t dare.

After Dean had finished his spiel, Paul pointed out a riotous film that has earned the title of best gay cult classic of all time: Rocky Horror Picture Show – a movie that has frightened generations of gay and straight children for decades.

But, better Rocky Horror than Shortbus. Trust me on this one.

– Joey Phoenix is a Boston based freelance wordsmith who delights in the defiantly unorthodox. 

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