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Big Sauce Preview – January 12th

by on January 11, 2012

The guys are excited to welcome the awesomely named Gunner Scott to the show. Gunner is the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Association (MTPC), a group trying to end discrimination on the basis of gender identity and gender expression. It’s an important issue, and I know (hope?) that the discussion will be appropriately serious and educational.  Scott was named one of the Heroes of 2011 by Bay Windows, the largest LGBT Newspaper in Massachusetts, due to his efforts in promoting equal rights for all Mass residents.  You can learn more about Scott, the MTPC, and the issue of gender discrimination at, and follow them on Twitter @MassTPC.

We’ll also have Kobie Ali in the studio. Kobie is the lead singer of LoveSexy, a Boston-based tribute band dedicated to celebrating America’s second-favorite genderly questionable musician, Prince*.  My favorite Prince song is ‘1999,’ because I’m a douchebag.  I party like its 1999 by unplugging my internet and getting really freaked out by cell phones.  Remember 1999? It was a simpler time, when Britney Spears was still kind of cute and the apocalypse might happen because of math.  It’s funny because when it was written Prince meant party like it’s the future, but today 1999 is in the past.  And isn’t it time for Purple Rain 2?  I was born in the late 80s, so that’s the extent of my Prince knowledge**.  LoveSexy’s website is, and their capital letter confused Twitter handle is @LoVeSeXy_band.

As always, we’ll be broadcasting live from 8-10 on Unregular Radio and live-tweeting it all @BigSauceRadio. If you have any thoughts or questions for the hosts or the guests, tweet us or leave a comment here and we’ll bring it up during the show.


* America’s first favorite genderly questionable musician.

** I also vaguely remember his Superbowl halftime performance being unequivocally awesome.

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