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Get on the Big Sauce Email List for a chance to WIN!

From now through Valentine’s Day 2012, refer the most people who subscribe to the Big Sauce Radio Email List and you could win one of 3 awesome prizes!





$100 cash



Custom Body Pillow & Cover

(Girl and dog not included)



$25 iTunes Gift Card


The top 10 referrers will receive a link to a free download of the “Best of” highlights and interviews from Big Sauce Radio’s 2011 season.

How it works:

  1. Sign up with your e-mail address
  2. Click the verification link in the e-mail you receive
  3. Get the referral link in a second e-mail after verifying
  4. Pass on the link to your friends and family
  5. You are credited when they click their verification links
  6. Check your spam filter if you did not receive the e-mail.

We track the e-mail address that has the most referrals. Contact us if you have any difficulties, or are wondering about a particular e-mail address.

When Valentine’s Day arrives, we will hand out the prizes.