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Ep. 120: Dames and Dead Rhinos

by Big Sauce on August 20, 2012

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What happens when you put a knitting Missouri native, two exuberant radio hosts, a soon to be Maxim model and a laid back beer-loving comedian in the same room? You get the Big Sauce Radio Show of course! This time on the Sauce Dean, Chris, and Thryn discuss film, comedy and nonsense with actor/comedian Jeff Koen (pronounced “cone” for you illiterate wannabe podcast hosts).  In addition, top 100 contestant for Maxim’s Hometown Hotties 2013 contest Minji Cho is in studio and we’ll be forever schoolboy smitten with this maximum beauty. Go vote for her NOW! You have until August 27th. Let’s make Minji Maxim’s Hometown Hottie winner representin’ the Beantown! Go vote for her now:

Minji Cho

In short order we learn Minji likes guys in plaid shirts, Dean has a new found passion in partner yoga (and will be at the department store stocking up on plaid shirts first thing in the morning), Thryn was probably doing yoga during the show and Chris works out, but does not do partner yoga.  And lastly Jeff consumes copious amounts of Budweiser brew. Are you keeping up? No? Perfect! It’s just another adventure in the den of iniquity.

Unfortunately, the lovely Minji Cho, who is well over dwarf height at a towering 5’3″, had to depart halfway through the program to go to another engagement. She was dearly missed… dearly missed indeed. We hope to ensure her expedient return to the show by helping her win Maxim’s Hometown Hotties Contest for 2013. Go vote for her NOW!

Jeff is a “stand up comedian and a stand up guy” and did not leave us without charming the pants off Thyrn and a multitude of female listeners. He is most well known for playing the part of “Uncle Rick” in the hilarious indie film Heavy Times, a feature presentation directed by Ryan McKenna about an obscenely reckless trip through the Northeast. “Three young men like you ought to head up to Montréal.” Or, instead of taking a foolish road trip, you should just watch the movie, preferably at three in the morning with large amounts of beer close at hand.

Jeff Koen

Jeff has a short film coming out in spring of 2013 called Losing It; and if you want to check him out live, he’s opening up for the fabulous Juston Mckinney (yes, THAT Juston from the lue Collar Comedy Tour) at Amazing Things Art Center in Framingham on September 8th. Get your tickets now as they will sell out.

In light of indie film making, low budgets and mastering comedy improv – Dean and Jeff go quote for quote, firing off well known (and maybe some not so well known) movie passages from the great films of ages past. Cinematic greats such as Boogie Nights, Dazed and Confused, and Romy’s and Michelle’s High School Reunion are brought into the picture, with nods of appreciation to Heather Graham, Madeline Stowe and Carrie Otis.

So in the end, the gang leaves us with some profound advice: Never follow a script,  explore the world of possibilities and make a living doing something you enjoy; even if that involves eating the “ass end of a dead rhino.”

Whatever suits your fancy, really.

– Joey Phoenix is a Boston based freelance wordsmith who delights in the defiantly unorthodox. 

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