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Ep. 134: Dubble Trrouble

by Big Sauce on December 2, 2012

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The Big Sauce Radio Show welcomes DJ Benny Trrouble Goodman (That’s two R’s ladies and gentleman) to the studio this week. He’s a singer/songwriter/pianist and musical jack of all trades, and despite his remarkable talent he is not related to the famous Big Band Jazz musicianBenny Goodman. Although the two of them would probably have a lot to talk about. DJ Benny is a producer, composer, and lead vocalist and musician for the band The Evening. And the Big Sauce is lucky to have him.

Benny “Trrouble” Goodman


But we have to pause momentarily, because Chris Timoney is in a mood. He’s annoyed. It seems that someone has performed the injustice of inviting him to join their LinkedIn network. (Imagine the nerve!) To Chris, LinkedIn is simply “useless.” It’s a social network for people who are afraid to go on Facebook, and whose minds are blown by Twitter. He says, instead of messaging him through LinkedIn, people should write him a letter. Most likely, he will ignore both. He’ll be too busy tweeting. Dean disagrees with Chris, he’s been using LinkedIn since the invention of the internet, sometime between Bon Jovi hair style switches in the early 80s.

But Benny, who is indifferent on the LinkedIn matter, is a man avoiding reality at any cost, living in la la land, existing somewhere over the rainbow. It’s a ‘crazy day” out there in the world, so he’s a DJ, an artist perpetually ignoring the fact that there could ever be a 9-5 lifestyle. If only more people would take the plunge, step out their cubicles and follow their dreams, there would definitely be a lot more happy people in this world.

Although he isn’t quick to admit it, he was born Jewish, and grew up in the tiny uppity end of Worcester. The theme for his Bar Mitzvah was “getting money to buy things,” and with the sizable amount he received (amounting close to a college fund to a small state school) Benny made the decision of a lifetime. He bought his first guitar.

He’s a classically trained musician who walked away from the strict nature of the field, where young children with tiny hands are forced to practice for hours the music written by some dead composer of eons ago. Instead, he fell in love with Rock and Roll, most specifically Queen, an epic band led by legendary frontman Freddy Mercury. A figure many people have tried to emulate, and many have failed.

Dean, not surprisingly, has been to a Queen concert. The 80’s were his heyday, the world of big hair metal along with ostentatious clothing and makeup where everyone secretly wanted to be Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson created the cool genre, and in Thriller introduced zombies into pop culture two decades before they were in vogue.

DJ Trrouble’s style of music is not like Michael Jackson or Queen or anything specific really. It’s a hybrid of his own personal interests, and what he writes changes all the time One day he’ll compose a classical piano piece, the next he’ll think up heavy metal, sometimes its something symphonic. With his band, The Evening, the original intent was to create pop music that infused Rock and Roll so that a 20-something would enjoy it, an idea that’s practically noble.

His message: music is subjective, what people love today would have been hated just twenty or thirty years ago, and vice versa. But you’d have to be a fool not to like DJ Trrouble. Even Chris likes him, but that may have more to do with the fact that Benny hasn’t yet asked to join his professional network.


Joey Phoenix is a Boston-based freelance writer and photographer and an ardent fan of the Big Sauce Radio Show.  

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