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Ep. 45: Eric Levi and musician Glenn Yoder

by Big Sauce on March 24, 2011

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Bella joins the cast for a night of fun-filled chat and sexcitement filling in for T-Money as he performed a gig at the world famous Comedy Studio in Harvard Square. Kayla was a few minutes late having gig’ed at some place no one ever heard of… but she got paid! That makes her a professional comic…

Eric Levi was in the comedy chair hotspot and certainly delivered the goods! He’s well versed in every topic that has anything remotely to do with sex and hey, that’s important! Glenn Yoder brought his axe and showed everyone how to rip a riff (is that what it’s called?). Glenn played 3 songs for a delighted and intensely engaged crown in the studio.

We also celebrated the return of BLuv to the board – for you Thryn fans she’s not going anywhere. Her and BLuv will be sharing the production duties and working on some new dimensions to add to the show.

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