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Ep. 119: Femme Fatale Fun

by Big Sauce on August 17, 2012

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This week in the ‘domicile of debauchery’ (and I say that lovingly), the Big Sauce is joined by two very different and immensely talented female personalities. First up is Jesika Babylon, aka The Dyke Date Doctor, and creator of Beantown’s very own The Lesbian Dating Game.  After 400 dates in two years, she’s earned her stripes (she claims this was for professional research purposes but hell, who wouldn’t love to have 400 dates inside of two years? That’s a record even T-Money could be proud of!).  Also classing up the joint for a spell is the South Korean born hella babe Minji Cho, a Top 100 finalist vying for the 2013 Maxim Magazine Hometown Hotties contest. Clearly if were up to Dean, she wins hands down.

Jesika Babylon

The show begins with a discussion of the subtle nuances of lesbian relationships and how they differ from the heterosexual kind. Are they really that much different? The guru, Jessica, says hell yes! Because the truth of the matter remains – men drive woman crazy, and women feel the need to nag them as a result. This nagging is an attempt to shove men in a box, mold them into something they aren’t: a woman’s best friend with a penis. With lesbian relationships we discover there are no set roles. The lesson learned is as follows: Women, love your man in spite of his manliness, or, do yourself a favor and date a woman. If it’s your first time, Chris and Dean will be more than happy to chaperone. And if you need real relationship help, Jesika Babylon is there for you. Viola! Life’s problems solved! Thanks Big Sauce!

BSpeaking of manliness, what is it that men really care about? According to the boys, most men solely care about surface things. . Dean, for instance, doesn’t want to know about the stupid gossip that happens in the rotation of everyday life – he wants the grime, the grit, the things that take place clandestinely in back alleys or on the dance floor. He doesn’t want to talk about sports, or stock tips and money matters (unless it’s a discussion of the current market price of gold with Minji… actually anything Minji wants to talk about is probably just fine).

Minji Cho

Please go vote now and every day for Maxim’s Hometown Hottie 2013 Minji Cho!!! 1 vote per girl per day!, SMS text HOMETOWNHOTTY to 50500 (it’s a regular text), quickly learn a great percentage of lesbians are as inherently afraid of rejection as hetero men. Sadly this leaves a lot of beautiful ladies at home on a Friday night. But now, thanks to Jesika, there is hope! She will be hosting the 3rd installment of the Lesbian Dating Game at The Burren, 247 Elm Street  Somerville, (that’s Davis Square) on Sunday September 9th from 4pm – 7pm. Ladies here is a perfect opportunity to get out and meet people and have fun outside of your comfort zone. Chris, Thryn and Dean will be there providing comedic bouts of friendly heckling, as per usual. And even Minji has decided to join the fun!

– Joey Phoenix is a Boston based freelance wordsmith who delights in the defiantly unorthodox. 

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