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Ep. 37: Jeff Mackinnon and Chris Coxsen

by Big Sauce on December 23, 2010


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Two days before christmas and instead of punching moms in the face at the mall and racking up credit card debt, the Big Sauce crew joined together at the studio to spread christmas cheer and welcome back boston native and LA junkie and coffee addict Jeff Mackinnon.

Jeff came back to the East Coast to enjoy a sinfully delicious cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee as well as see his family for the holidays, and luckily all his friends are back on the west so he really didn’t have much to do before Christmas so agreed to hang out on the Big Sauce Show. But don’t let his pint size fool you, his sharp wit and his college degree makes him a natural to comedy, and his addiction to coffee keeps him awake long enough to stay on his toes and sling back the zingers he was giving out during the show. Which is good for him because I can’t trust anyone who doesn’t like coffee and if he had dissed my high power I would of booted his LA butt out of studio, but he passed and we kept him for the entire show.

We turned on the sex when Barry Tattle came by to introduce himself to the world. His smooth voice and the jazz band that follows him around makes him a man’s man and ladies just flock to him. Comedian Chris Coxen, developed the character Barry Tattle as well as a plethora of other characters that he performs all over Boston with. Coincidently Chris and Jeff did a show together and Jeff’s mother was put under the Tattle spell where all you want to do is follow the Tattle to the remote beaches of Bermuda and make sweet sweet love to him while the jazz trio plays in the back ground . We surprised Barry with the ultra sexy girls of Shamrock Entertainment, Bambi and Rain joined us in studio and unannounced  to us Rain was a Shamrock virgin and was doing her first show on Christmas Eve with Bambi. These girls really revved the thermostat when they enter the room, and I’m pretty sure I saw Jeff turn a little red when looking at them, Dean was speechless which never happens and Barry being the gentleman that he is gave the girls a lovely compliment which sent them into a tizzy. During the break I saw Barry and Jeff programming the Shamrock number into their phones so who knows maybe their setting up some Christmas Eve magic. To make up for coming into studio fully clothed the girls brought us lovely key chains which are also bottle openers, so HIGH FIVE, I never say no to free, that is not a number I can argue with, I don’t care what it is that is free I’m taking it.

Dean likes to play games and this week he tried playing a lyric game where he read the lyrics and we had to guess the song. Unfortunately Dean is the only one around when music was invented so he chooses these songs that no one was alive for. I mean I don’t know any song that isn’t played on KISS 108 which is constantly being played at work but when Chris is too young to know the song thats when you know Dean is a little out dated. but Matt TOMOR being the radio producer that he is had a leg up on us and guessed all the songs, but the last song I finally had heard of and knew the lyrics, but didn’t know the group behind it, I was convinced it was BECK but apparently it was done by the group “Butthole Surfers”  which goes perfectly with all the bromances that develop on the show, pretty sure the Barry and Jeff got real close but that is just hearsay right now so who knows what really went down during the break.

I do have to say our Christmas show was so far one of my favorites, everyone was a blast on the show and Jeff Mackinnon fit right in with the big sauce crew like he was one of us, it’s ashame that he’s all the way out in LA, but that just makes it that much for fun to listen to knowing that he’s a west coast treat. Jeff gave us a Christmas gift with a poem about Kwanzaa, which was absolutely brilliant!  hopefully our buddy Luke Hanbury can hook up with him when he gets situated out in LA. I have downloaded and activated my Tattilite so I know exactly when Barry Tattle will be performing next. Chris and Dean have set up a monthly deals with Shamrock so once a month they get a surprise knocking at their door, maybe it’ll be Bambi or Rain one of these days.

2010 is ending and we will be joined by a special guest Joe Piccirillo who is behind the “Conan or Bust” project where he’ll travel to 30 cities and ending in LA where he hopes to land a writing job for Conan O’brien. So it’s going to be great end to a year and doing worry 2011 is going to be a bang up  year, I can’t wait.

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