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Ep. 74: Love, Missed Connections and Cotton Candy – an evening with Meredith Goldstein

by Big Sauce on December 4, 2011

Meredith Goldstein of the Boston Globe

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Boston Globe advice columnist Meredith Goldstein gets on the sauce to chat about love, relationships, missed connections and cotton candy. Read her column Love Letters on! This episode busts out some new features including inspirational poetry by lyrical wizard Matt Ganem. We loved him so much his poems will be a regular addition at the end of each episode in 2012!

Big Sauce December 11, 2011 at 07:34

Hey thanks for listening and providing some great insight. If you are local to the Boston area, please come out to the Brookline Booksmith to meet Meredith and Sophie Blackall, writer and illustrator of Missed Connections: Love, Lost and Found.

badlurker December 6, 2011 at 09:37

Took a break from having Marc Maron in my ear on my way into work today and listened to the Sauce. Great show today! I think that the idea that men and women can’t be friends is kind of self perpetuating. I have had mostly girls as friends to the point that I only had groomsmaids (yes, a real thing) at my wedding, no groomsmen. I have never been anything but faithful to my wife and we have nothing but trust in each other, but I can still feel anxious hanging out with other women because you can see the wheels turning in other people’s heads whenever they see you with someone other than your wife. I think that oftentimes it is someone else that plants the seed of paranoia and it feeds off our natural need to protect our partners / anxiety about being misunderstood. So, even if you have your spouse’s trust / support and your intentions are good, there’s this whole cultural idea about what a male / female relationship should be that has a big influence on what type of relationships can survive.

Thanks also for the information on the event at the Booksmith on 12/15, sounds like a cool project and a fun time!

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