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Ep. 135: Lovin Every Minute Of It

by Big Sauce on December 6, 2012

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The Delicious DJ Nixx

This time on the Big Sauce Radio Show, Biggie gets to geek out on one of his favorite subjects: the DJ lifestyle.

The gang welcomes DJ Nixx (Nikki Robertshaw) to the studio, a talented mixer who has been rocking the night club scene since 2008, and loving every minute.

She’s also good friends with DJ Trrouble (taught him everything he knows), who was in the studio recently – you can read about that here.

Dean, a former amateur DJ himself, is so excited that his enthusiasm was almost physically tangible through the radio waves. It’s impossible to imagine the energy that was pent up in the tiny studio.

To Chris, everything is connected to a movie somehow. When he meets Nikki, the first thing he says to her is, “Robert Shaw, wasn’t he ‘Quint’ in Jaws?” You’re very right, T-Money...Robert Shaw is British actor with a prolific career, including roles in The Sting (1973) with Paul Newman and Robert Redford and From Russia with Love (1963) with the legendary Sean Connery.

Upon this realization, Chris practically proposes to Nikki, on the basis that having that sort of connection to Jaws would be a dream come true. A dream complete with a soundtrack that still makes kids cry, or in Dean’s case, makes them imagine that the streets will soon be flooded with rainwater and that a giant shark will be able to float into their bedrooms and bite their legs off.

After Nikki quickly avoids Chris’s proposal, we get into the conversation that Dean’s been waiting for. Both he and DJ Nixx had a fascination with mixing from a very young age. The very first vinyl the Big-un messed around with? Curtis Blow’s The Brakes, a record which he tore to shreds learning the basics. For Nixx, she started with Michael Jackson’s Bad and the epic soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever. The latter inspiring images of bad polyester onesies and the BeeGees.

What most people don’t realize though is that most of the samples used in popular music today don’t have their origins in 90’s hip hop, but in Disco. So really, the tracks we have now are rip offs of rip offs, but it’s been done so many times that no one knows what came from where. Dean seeks to enlighten us by firing off the top ten most sampled songs in the history of music. Some of these famously ripped off classics include The Soul Searchers by Ashley’s Roachclip, Apache by the Incredible Bongo Band, and Impeach the President by the Honey Drippers.

When DJ Nixx is on the stage, in the midst of the ubiquitous top 40’s hip hop and dance hits, she likes to play tracks that shake things up, and remind people of a more original time. She’ll drop old school hip hop with Notorious BIG or Jay-Z or even throw in some Temptations or Cheryll Lynn. Because, just because people are used to what they hear on the radio, doesn’t mean they can’t appreciate the music of of long ago. It’s been filling the dance floor for decades, and will be for years to come. 

You can hear her do her thing in the Boston metro area, check out her Facebook for more details. If you’re lucky, you can catch the Big Sauce himself juggling batteries for the opening act.


Joey Phoenix is a freelance writer, photographer, and a Big Sauce Radio Show enthusiast.

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