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Ep. 133: Music and Passion are always in Fashion

by Big Sauce on November 28, 2012

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Singer/songwriter and personal favorite of the Big Sauce, Kobie Ali makes his third appearance in 2012 on the Sauce enchant and serenade us. He’s best known for his remarkable voice, specifically when he is singing the music of the artist presently  known as Prince. But there’s much more to him than just a voice. He’s immensely talented, a handsome singer-songwriter from Washington D.C., who will sadly soon be going back.

Kobie Ali


But before we get the chance to meet the man, we are confronted with a never before heard of phenomenon that leaves the gang scratching their heads. There exists somewhere a man who doesn’t like music!

Music is the accompaniment of life, it embodies a corpus of emotions, lifts us up when we’re sad (or helps us stew in our depression), motivates us, and relaxes us. There are dozens of genres and millions of songs, tracks, and pieces…not liking music is comparable to not liking food. It’s practically unthinkable. But yet, someone who shall not be named thinks it to be more of a nuisance than anything else.

However, it would seem likely, that if this unusual person were to hear Kobie Ali sing, he would change his mind. Unless he really is a hopeless case, or among the walking dead.

Kobie has been touring with LoveSexy, working the casino scene, but after a stint in Beantown he found himself longing for the life he left behind in D.C. As much as he loves Prince, he’s ready to reunite his band PapaShake. Dean is a huge fan of Kobie individually and the group, and by the end of the program everybody listening was convinced of their greatness as well.

As you may or may not know, serious fandom leads to insatiable curiosity (and in Dean’s case backstage passes to Kobie’s upcoming concert at the White House); but Dean asks Kobie a question that sends him reeling. The Question?

“If you had the opportunity to collaborate with anybody in the history of music, or just to ask them a question, who would it be?”

Any lesser person might have stumbled for an answer, but Kobie doesn’t skip a beat. After quickly acknowledging his respect for Prince, he immediately speaks about the great jazz legends: Davis, Ellington, but most importantly, John Coltrane. These great figures revolutionized the history of music, created a sound unlike anything that had ever been played. To have the opportunity to speak with them and work with them would be the opportunity of several lifetimes. Their work is magical. And it’s still relevant today.

And that’s just it. If there’s any great theme to tonight’s show is the lasting quality of music. Certain fads may come and go, but people have been playing real instruments for hundreds of years, and they will continue to do so. Even Bob Dylan, notorious for turning press agents to stone with just one glance, will still be played for years to come. He was just one man with a voice and a guitar. Just like Kobie.

Anything more than that is just excess. 

Joey Phoenix is a Boston-based freelance writer, photographer, and Big Sauce Radio Show enthusiast. 

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