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Ep. 115: Pinups and Primal Instincts

by Big Sauce on July 21, 2012

Steve Halligan & DeeDee Desire

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The Big Sauce crew gets in touch with their primal instincts this week. From tales of swimming pools and vintage erotica, to the questionable new lifestyle of a certain Missouri maiden, matters follow the call of nature (in more than one way) from the very beginning. Also in the studio with the gang are comedian Steve Halligan and his lovely lady Deedee Desire (aka Pamela) of

We quickly learn that Steve (, in addition to being effortlessly hilarious, is a huge fan of speed metal – more specifically the likes of megadeath circa 1990. As a former musician, he recounts his younger days and notes his snarky views of the misguided grunge movement. To Steve, wearing flannel wasn’t a statement, it was all they had. But with the new wave of grunge followers (predominately worshipers of a popular Seattle-based band), wearing flannel became “a way for the jock to try to relate to me.”
From reminiscing about Megadeath, Pantera, and forty years running urban soul group “Tower of Power,” (the Big Sauce favorite), the conversation moves to the beautiful modern pin up model Deedee Desire. She has been modeling since 2005, has been featured in Macy’s 2012 Digital PinUp Calendar, and has won multiple awards including PinUp of the week in April 2012. A fan of Betty Paige, Deedee realized her talent several years ago after helping friend and photographer Ama Lea with photo projects for school.
Steve and Deedee met a year and half ago on  the popular dating site With this new information presented, Dean speedily takes this opportunity to segue from human mating rituals, to those more “honest” ones of various members of the animal world. He entertains (and grosses us out) with examples found in nature of animals who attract each other by the creative spreading (or drawing out) of various bodily fluids. At the end of this unusual segment, the selected unsavory down and dirty ritual of everyone present was none other than the Angler Fish – the male, in effort to survive, fuses himself to the female before slowly disintegrating. If that isn’t love, what is?

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– Joey Phoenix is a Boston based freelance wordsmith who delights in the defiantly unorthodox. 

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