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Ep. 136: Poetry In Motion

by Big Sauce on December 11, 2012

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The Big Sauce Radio Show is privileged to present to you the man whose

Matt Ganem “The Poet”

sweet, hypnotic voice you hear after every episode: Matt Ganem. He’s the in-house poet, although the gang can’t expressly claim him. His talent is something that rivals the best writers in the Northeast at the very least, maybe the country, and maybe the world. And the Big Sauce gang and its fans aren’t the only ones who love him. He travels around the region speaking his words at clubs and coffee shops, anywhere and to anyone who’ll hear the truth he has to speak.

He’s also a man with a backstory, a powerful backstory that will give you chills when you hear it, or at least make you think. But before I tell you about the man who rose like a tree out of a dark situation, I’m going to tell you about his book: The Shadow of an Addict. Although, admittedly, you really can’t know his work in its fullness unless you’ve heard him perform, reading his words are the next best thing. In the Shadow of an Addict, he took the 26 letters of the English alphabet, and twisted them in such a way that they they became something ineffable, something beautiful.

The way he writes is raw, honest…his words are his therapy, soothing him from the history that likes to come tap on his shoulder and whisper in his ear. He was a former drug user, but now he’s been clean 8 years, and spending his freedom spreading the gospel, his gospel – one of human frailty and the innate human ability to overcome. When he speaks he speaks of brokenness, of understanding addiction, of looking it in the face and calling it by name, of not letting it take over a your life.

The Big Sauce, the lovely Thryn, and T-money stood in awe of his openness, and were inspired to piece together lyrics of their own. Apparently, there’s a “formula”  to poetry: a spark followed by concrete imagery and vivid description. Using this advice, the gang attempts to compose lyrics that describe the show – with the theme of laughter. Here is their version:

We were seated quietly in a room full of bliss
Just me, with my microphone, Thryn and Chris
Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse
we’re happy Barry O is in the white house
[The last two lines were added in by resident comic Chris Timoney…]

So, here’s my version:

An Ode to the Sauce

This time we’re gonna keep it short and sweet
Close your eyes, tap, tap to the beat
To the rhythm of the radio crackling on
Enter Biggie, Chris, and the lovely Thryn Franz
From opening rap to final farewell
You’ll smile, you’ll laugh, caught up in their spell
For certain, they’ll set your heart aglow
The one, the only, Big Sauce Radio Show.


Joey Phoenix is a freelance writer and photographer and ardent fan of Matt Ganem, and of course, the Big Sauce Radio Show.

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