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Ep. 69: Politics, Poems, Hip-Hop and Drag Kings

by Big Sauce on October 21, 2011

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In this installment, Big Sauce is joined by the ever-entertaining Jeff Mackinnon, co-hosting da festivities, with BLuv back in the driver’s seat and Thryn fresh from a mushy but energetic visit to the Occupy Boston encampment. Carolyn Plummer guests along with Don Rosenberg from GOOOH, local performer and drag king talent Karin Webb and live in-studio performances by Camden with their kick-butt style rock ‘n roll. Big Sauce resurrects a poem/rap tune in honor of Occupy Boston and Occupiers everywhere. We also learn how Carolyn saved Dean from a certain ass-whooping, how GOOOH plans to end the stigma of career politicians and just how sexy a woman in drag can be (a la NOT Chaz Bono).

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