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Ep. 125: The Big Gay Comedy Buffet

by Big Sauce on September 18, 2012

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Dean, Chris, and Thryn welcome seasoned comedians Jim Lauletta and Stacy Kendro for a bout of irreverent comedy that’s impossible to forget. Jim’s effortless guile combined with Stacy’s expert sarcasm leave the Big Sauce crew falling over themselves laughing. As per usual, topics steer to dirty basement humor involving hair, colons, German vaginas and a slew of other decadent nasty bits.

Stacy Kendro

Jim and Stacy have bonded over their mutual love for Italian derivatives, comedy, and men. Each of them were already veteran comedians by the time they found each other. Jim got his start when some friends dared him to do an open mic, an experience which he enjoyed. He admits having no real aspirations as a youth, no idea where he was going, and this seemed like as good of an idea as any. It turned out that he was a natural, and he’s been cracking people up all over the country since 1988.

Stacy has also been in the business for quite a while, 12-13 years in fact, during which she has done a little bit of everything, in relation to comedy that is. She has opened for Joan Rivers and is a regular on the Las Vegas Rivera. The Big Sauce was lucky to have them both.

During the show, Dean is flushing the last of the anesthesia from his system as a result of a recent colonoscopy. Jim listens intently as Dean retells the story of how a burly male nurse took charge of him that day, knocking him senseless with the delicious combination of Demerol and Valium (or something similar), before taking inventory of his insides. After discussing his own personal luxuries, Dean transfers the spotlight to Jim and Stacey.

Dean: “Stacy, do you frequent sex clubs?” Stacy: (momentary pause) “No.” Jim: “Stacy is a lady, unless she’s on stage.” (Jim continues to text three or four different beautiful men, one of them who apparently is the mysterious owner of a swimmer’s body – and his name is “Tony.”)

The tone of the night turns in the direction of secret musings. What DO Jim, Stacy, Dean, Thryn, and Chris Timoney do in the privacy of their own basements? Or, better put, what do they wish they were doing in their basements? “Thoughts become things,” says Jim. We accept every sultry insinuation of this clause.

Jim Lauletta

Although it is questionable what the rest of them have been doing, (We think Thryn is practicing Burlesque and Jim is “manscaping”), but we know that Dean, who always has something up his sleeves, is growing mushrooms. No, don’t get your hopes up, these aren’t the psychedelic variety that turn your friends into rainbows before your very eyes. Instead, our beloved Big-un is playing scientist and employing petri dishes in the hopes of developing edible fungi. That’s right, Dean is growing portobello mushrooms in his basement. Updates will be produced on the outcome of this eclectic experiment.

You can find Stacy Kendro and Jim Lauletta doing stand up both as a duo and as individual acts. They frequent Dick Doherty’s Comedy Club, and their shows are ones you sure as hell don’t wanna miss.

– Joey Phoenix is a Boston based freelance wordsmith who delights in the defiantly unorthodox. 

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