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Ep. 126: The Place is the place

by Big Sauce on October 6, 2012

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Dean and Chris flew duo this episode with Thryn tied up with school commitments (so she says… we’ve heard she’s been reading “50 Shades of Grey” so who knows…)

The Big Sauce took its first stab at venturing out of the comfort of the studio and on location to the stage at The Place, 2 Broad Street Boston – a popular hangout for 20-somethings looking for other 20-somethings in the Boston scene. Show friend and frequent comedian guest Dana Cairns sat in with the fellas and quickly lubed up with a few gin martinis… and away we goooooooo!

It’s quite different to be recording a podcast on the stage in a venue. Some of the creature comforts like the snare and cymbal for rim shots aren’t within reach – so the start was a little rocky as Big Sauce got his footing. T-Money settled in quickly, basking in the awkwardness and Dana powered down the gin like the true champ she is. Once the gang caught the groove it was smooth sailing.

On hand were Dave Branca from Exclusively NEP. Dave just flexed his biceps a few times and soon was deep in conversation with a few attractive ladies from the crowd drumming up business. Also Amy DePaulo, local writer, actress, producer stopped by to fill us in on her current projects which include ZoomTilt, an internet startup that is vying for the $100k prize in the MassChallenge and 617 The Series, a web sitcom in it’s second year.

Eric Powers, local comic, podcast and radio host blew by for a quick chat on his way to perform at the Comedy Vault and to hock a new HBO movie where he has some prominent speaking parts set to be released sometime before we all die.

All in all, a successful first time out on location for the Sauce. Coming up on location appearances are The Greatest Bar and another knock out Get on the Sauce! stand up extravaganza in the North Shore at Parker Grille and Pub.

– Joey Phoenix is a Boston based freelance wordsmith who delights in the defiantly unorthodox. 


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