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Ep. 112: The SSP (Super Secret Project)

by Big Sauce on June 28, 2012

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In the Big Sauce studio this week, Co-host Chris Timoney takes the reigns with a “haggard” Thryn Franz to interview two of the members of the comedic group and YouTube sensation the Super Secret Project (SSP). Sadly, Dean was unable to make it to the show due to unfortunate circumstances involving “wood”; but he should return next week at least mostly recovered.

The Super Secret Project, recurring voices and a favorite on the Sauce, is rapidly becoming one of New England’s best-loved bands to see live. Formed in 2005, the trio, originally from Haverhill, New Hampshire, and consisting of Christian, Billy D, and Darby (the group’s leading lady, and the only member not present during the session) first gained internet popularity with the release of their video “Granite State of Mind” in April of 2010. In this track the SSP Parodies Jay-Z’sEmpire State of Mind” by replacing New York with their beloved home state of New Hampshire.

Host Chris discusses that with the rise in popularity of “Granite State,” groups from cities around the country (cities like Akron, Ohio of all places) tried to jump on the new bandwagon, and create similar parodies in favor of their own states; but of course, none were able to gain the same popularity that the Super Secret Project had already acquired.

All in all, the SSP has released around forty videos with some involving cameos from celebrities such as Sarah Silverman, Justin McKinney, and even the current Governor of New Hampshire John Lynch. But although the group has been making immensely popular videos for years, it was not until recently that they begun to tour live. In order to translate from being predominately internet based to shows real time, SSP incorporates their online videos into their live performances. They describe the events in their own words as a “multimedia fused rap show thingie,” or as can be also said: a show definitely worth seeing. “It’s not standup and it’s not funny songs, it’s just fun. All geared toward trying to get you to laugh.”

The newest video for the band (soon to be released, but now in post-production) and the first song played live during this week’s show is titled “Road Rage Reggae.” It chronicles the experience of a young man forced to deal with the emotionally derisive nature of universal bad driving. But, true to nature, the lightness remains as the melody itself is more fitting for an afternoon at the beach than for a hot-tempered day in rush hour traffic.

The second song that the Super Secret Project plays for the show is called the “Realistic Love Song.” It is written from the perspective of the typical male to the typical girl, explaining to her candidly that any sort of childhood fantastical fairy tale notions she has held onto should be immediately forsaken in honor of a more “realistic” perspectives. The man explains that love is more like a business venture whereby each participant agrees to more or less put up with the other’s “bullshit.”

The band’s next performance, in promotion of their new album “Thank God for Jesus,” will be playing at the Portsmouth Music Hall July 20th and 21st. More information at

article by Joey Phoenix/ freelance writer and photographer living in Boston     @RepennedRed


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