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Ep. 36: Corey Rodrigues

by Big Sauce on December 9, 2010

Corey Rodrigues

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We all know by now our good friends, the Pro Dommes from the Kink Academy, Princess Kali and Ms Savannah Sly. With those girls you know something great is going to happen. But what we didn’t know was our featured comedian Corey Rodrigues was a kink man himself.

When we last saw the girls, one of our guests was a not very “impressed” we’ll say with their chosen profession, which is a shame because that means that person is just uncomfortable with their sexuality. But this time was different. Corey walks in with his own T-shirt that reads “Feet are the new tits”, which is just a Pro Domme’s wet dream, – to have a person walk into a room and announce what they’re into and not care about it. But it confused Chris a bit because he wanted to know what the old tits were? But I assured Chris that tits are an old classic and they’ll never be completely out of style. We couldn’t have planned this show any better than it happened… it went so well that Savannah had her feet all up in Coreys face and he loved every minute of it!

Of course when the girls come into studio I always have to bring my dictionary because their vocabulary is far too advanced for me, which makes me think that if you have tons of sex and different kinks that you’re into it makes you inevitably smarter. So I better start shagging more, which means I should probably stop writing this so I can go shag some more.

To keep the sexy theme of our show for the evening going we had two exotic dancers from Shamrock Entertainment join us in studio. Hunny and Summer took time out of their busy schedules and bared the cold to talk to us. The ironic part was both Princess Kali and Savannah had applied to work for Shamrock in the past, but realized being a Dominatrix was more who they were. Hunny and Summer definitely brought more sexiness to the show and I don’t think we had that much sex in one show before. The girls admitted their special talents they are known for when they dance and they apparently also dance together, so if you’re in the mood for a late night or early morning of beautiful girls dancing, Shamrock Entertainment is a 24 hour on-call service and you can request certain girls as well. Best part of the show for me was listening to all these people talk about very intimate parts of their-selves and they do it for a living and have no shame in what they do and in fact embrace what they do for a living. Like Margaret Cho said “I think we should just do it with each other” and I think she’s on to something. If everyone stopped being such a prude and just slept with everyone, the world would be a nicer place. Because it’s the ones who aren’t getting laid who are the cranky people.

So if you learned anything about this show, it’s Corey loves feet and women, have tons of sex!!! I mean why not, HIV is apparently cured so there is no real risk anymore, except pregnancy but thats always fixable!

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