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Ep. 122: Worcester Is Cool

by Big Sauce on August 31, 2012

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StageTime Comedy Club partner Doug Guertin ambles on down to the  Big Sauce studios this week to wax philosophic on Worcester, the upcoming presidential election and religion (yikes!). This episode is chock full of the classically awkward humor that Chris, Dean, and Thryn pull off so well. But before they begin, we find out that Thryn is moving to lands far away! No, not really, just from Arlington to Somerville, considered the ‘Paris’ of Boston according to various sources (who knew?).

Doug Guertin

But whether or not the nightlife is hotter in Somerville than in Arlington, there is one place that’s begun pumping out trendy vibes on Saturday nights (and eventually will do so on some Fridays as well). For four weeks now, in the town of Worcester (roughly 40 miles west of Boston), StageTime Comedy Club ( has presented the public with a grand assortment of the best local comedians for just $5 per person. Yes, you read that right. For just $5 you can enter the show and see 3-4 (sometimes more) hilarious acts, and be out in time for 10:00 pm cocktails at some of the best new Worcester restaurants; they’ve cleaned up their act, these Worcesterians (the great denizens of Worcester), taking the stimulus money so freely offered by our dear U.S. government and making downtown Worcester a classy northeastern Promenade. In fact, Worcester is so classy, Dean points out, that recently they have opened a sophisticated new strip club, the Emperor’s Club, where elegant courtesans, imported from the exotic regions of Andover and Springfield, entertain young men (and well-rounded women) with their decadent musical stylings of song and dance.

Keeping up with the theme of aesthetic quality, Water Street in Worcester used to be home to the infamous Wisecrack’s Comedy Club under the comedic tutelage of Dan Smith, an accomplish comic who’s opened for the likes of Rob Schneider and other A-Listers. And as a result of the experience of this ambiance of hilarity four affiliates, Nick Chambers, Shaun Connolly, Ryan Staples, and Doug decided to continue this legacy. When Dan Smith stepped down, he transferred authority to the four friends, who have carried his torch with great verve and alacrity. What Doug humbly refers to as “riding on Wisecrack’s coattails,” we perceive as a comedic great step forward, and an exciting new development in this neck of the woods.

Dean, always looking for a way to mix up the Sauce, recruits Thryn, Doug, and T-Money  into a contest of sorts, a battle of the brains called “Who Wants to Be a Catholic Millionaire?” There was a time in Dean’s life where he aspired to be a good Catholic schoolboy, if not eventually a millionaire, but after a deep love developed on his part for skinny leather ties, and an unfortunate throttling by his dear Uncle, the dream was abandoned. But this week on the show, he relives some of his former school days, by asking the crew a series of questions and having the contestants guess from a list of multiple choice options. The religious themed questions, with subject matter ranging from prayers spoken during the rosary to necessary items for Sacrament, leave the participants scratching their heads in wonderment. When the final results came in, Thryn and Doug tied for first place with 2 each, and Chris falling behind with only 1.

As their prize for winning, the Missourian and the ‘Worcesterian’ split a stale communion wafer that Chris acquired while enjoying forbidden fruits at the local Parrish…

– Joey Phoenix is a Boston based freelance wordsmith who delights in the defiantly unorthodox.  

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